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Buying or Selling?
Conveyancing Experts.
Experienced Lawyers.
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We help our clients
achieve their property goals
by performing effective and
innovative conveyancing services.
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Residential and Commercial
Property Conveyancing Experts.

Brisbane's Residential and Commercial Property Conveyancing Experts

Buying or Selling?

If you buy or sell property, you normally think of using a Lawyer to handle the legal work of transferring the title to the property.

Whether you're a first timer, or a seasoned veteran of conveyancing, you'll be very pleasantly surprised at how smoothly things will go with Conveyance Xpress! As it should be! Your property transaction will possibly be the biggest deal you'll ever make! Let's get it right - first time

Your conveyancing can be done quickly, without you even having to come to our office. While we are all now “time poor”, we can be with you in a virtual sense. We can communicate via phone, fax, email, SMS or a combination of all four. However, if you wish to visit us, we are more than happy to see you.

About Conveyance Xpress

Conveyance Xpress is a division of Gregg Lawyers provides sound and affordable Residential and Commercial Conveyancing services.

We are proud that some of our clients who were our first Clients are still with us today.

While we have grown with the needs of our Clients, we have also invested in our people and our systems.

Our solutions, at times, have been labelled innovative and unique.

A relationship with Conveyance Xpress is a relationship you can swear by.

Learn more about Conveyance Xpress.

The Gregg Lawyers Approach

We know that your time is precious! So to make it easy for you, we’ll provide you with your own electronic Conveyancing Case tracking system (C.A.R.E). Our tracking system allows you to log in to view the progress of your matter, 24/7.

Remember if there is a problem with your matter at any stage, Conveyance Xpress is a division of Gregg Lawyers Pty Ltd and we have a qualified team of experienced Lawyers at your disposal.

Where you feel comfortable with us and we feel comfortable with you, we can both focus on your legal concerns.